Team Story / January 19, 2018

Paper Collage, Wall Mural

By: Team IEI
There's an interest that builds in young children and adolescents when they see something that is out of the box. It sparks their curiosity thus triggering a thought process that becomes a tool at developing their imagination, observation and creativity. The mural is a 5*15 paper collage translating a visual…
Volunteer Story / January 19, 2018

Community Memoirs – Women & Hunzai Caps

By: Aqsa Seth
Never in my life words have failed me as perfunctorily as they do when asked about my time in Chipursan teaching in a local school. For I am still always left in an awe everytime the name is mentioned and the most I can express is 'it was amazing'. So,…
Volunteer Story / January 19, 2018

Music: A Transcendental Form of Art

By: Moaz Ahmed Bhangu
I feel music is the most transcendental form of Art. I taught the kids 3 lines from the song Fix you. It took 20 minutes. Despite the fact that English is their third language, second being Urdu. (Video in next post) On our last day in Kirmin I walked into…
Volunteer Story / January 17, 2018

Developing Emotional Skills: Painting to Music

By: Maliha Saleem & Syed Misbah Uddin
Music & Painting have drawn on each other for inspiration, artists have attempted to translate musical rhythms into structural paintings while musicians have developed visual themes. As a duo, it is a powerful medium to develop in our children the emotional skills that guide them to recognize, understand and express…


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