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What is IEI Films?

We have always believed that the future of education is project based learning; a way of learning where fun, creative and engaging ways can be employed to allow the children to learn new skills and tools that are deemed necessary for the world today.

IEI Films is a programme designed to equip the young of today with the 21st century skills, in the hope that these skills can be put to use to preserve the age old mountain wisdom of the remote valleys of Pakistan, to  enable the young to develop and use their voice for social change, to advocate for the rights of young girls to help advance gender equality and to become the leaders and change makers of tomorrow. 




Participants of Filmmaker Stream Summer of Joy'22

Green City Sher e Sabz

Filmmaking Workshops

Simple and basic, our filmmaking workshops usually lasts for over 4 days where children get the oppurtunity to learn the process and basics of filmmaking. Depending on the age group and the time availability, the topics usually cover the important people involved in the process of filmmaking, the concept of storyboarding, basic camera angles and shots, interview taking skills and introduction to post production. The students come up with different ideas that they want to work on and the mentors, considering various factors like time availability and feasibility decide what can be converted into a final product of film.

Our students' films

Valley of Saints

Nestled deep in the mountains of north Pakistan, Chipurson Valley is a remote valley whose residents still live an agrarian lifestyle. We asked the children, "How do you want the people around the world to see your valley?" This documentary style film is an answer to that question.

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Green City

A compilation of shots by the young and talented students of Government Middle School Sher e Sabz grades 3-6. The video has been filmed by the young filmmakers and only slightly been edited by the mentor leading the programme.

Body Shaming

Body Shaming has been a big reason for increased depression amongst individuals all around the world. In this fiction film, the young of Khyber Valley explore how body shaming has increasingly become common in the valley and is leading to people, especially the young of today, to become a victim of depression.

Girl Advocacy & Leadership through Film & Media

Advocacy through Film & Media equips young girls with the leadership skills and tools that help them find, develop and use their voice for social change and advocate for the rights of other girls to help advance gender equality. This programme includes the use of both audio and visual medium of advocacy; Podcast and Film. Until now, we have worked with a group of 20 young girls to produce a research style documentary film, an episodic podcast series and an audio podcast.  

Women Directed Films and Podcasts

Do you feel safe?

A research documentary style film where 7 girl high school girl leaders from different parts of GB, currently living and studying in Hunza set out on a mission to explore and research if Hunza Valley is really safe for girls and women.

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Women Land Rights

Riffat and Nazish, two high school girls from Hunza, explore issues of women's land rights and the challenges it poses to the socio economic development of women and communities.

Women in Public Spaces

An episodic video podcast that highlights stories of women in the mountain valleys of Gilgit Baltistan - their joys, sorrows, successes & hardships.

Programme Films

Over the past few years, our talented team members have made films about IEI’s programmes to raise awareness and as fundraising campaigns.

3100 meters above sea level

The documentary brings the voices from a remote mountain valley to create awareness of the struggles and aspirations of mountaineers and shepherds as they try to improve the quality of public education in their valley.

Voices of the Karakoram

This documentary highlights IEI's library programmes at public schools in the remote mountain valleys of Pakistan and the importance of access to book and digital tools for the children in these valleys.

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