My Journey as a Climate Educator: Unveiling the IEI x Abadtak Climate Educator Training Experience

By: Amna Mazhar, Climate Educator Training Fellow 2023 Hi Everyone, This is Amna Mazhar.  I am a Teach for Pakistan fellow working at a public school near Sihala, in the vicinity of Islamabad. As someone passionate about environmental conservation and climate education; I had the incredible opportunity to be part of the IEI x Abadtak Climate Educator Training […]

Caged Birds

By: Fatimah Rubi Does freedom mean feeding a bird with food and water while keeping it inside a cage? The answer from many women is a Yes. They have accepted being fed by society; the basic rights they should have known for themselves.  Hunza is a richly cultured and very welcoming place, one that is […]

A safe space for girls in Hunza

By: Misbah Baig A famous actress once said “I found that ultimately if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in , even if it makes you vulnerable , amazing things can and will happen.”  That actress is Emma Watson. From GenZ’s perspective, she is a feminist icon. Why? Because she freely discusses […]