Digital skill empowerment program for girls in Hunza: Tech Sahelis celebrates milestone

By: Team IEI

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone achieved by the Tech Sahelis program in the picturesque Hunza valley. The first training course, Digital Essentials, has been successfully completed, empowering 30 girls and women with essential digital skills. This accomplishment marks an important step in our mission to bridge the gender gap in technology and empower young women to excel in the digital world. 

In this blog, we proudly highlight the program’s achievements and emphasize its role in expanding digital access through the Tech Sahelis lab. Join us as we celebrate the power of technology and the positive impact it has on the lives of girls in Hunza.

Creating Access to Digital Hardware

At the heart of Tech Sahelis is the belief that every girl deserves access to digital resources and opportunities. The Tech Sahelis lab plays a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide by providing free access to essential digital hardware. Equipped with laptops and internet connectivity, the lab ensures that girls have the tools they need to explore the digital world, expand their knowledge, and unleash their creativity. This access to digital hardware not only opens doors to new educational and professional opportunities but also empowers girls to become active participants in the digital age.

Starting from foundational learning: The Digital Essentials Course

The first course in the series worked to enable girls with foundational digital skills. Ms. Office skills. The 15 engaging sessions were thoughtfully designed to cater to academic and income-related needs. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on project work, the girls not only acquired valuable skills but also gained practical experience in utilizing Ms. Office tools effectively.

Project based engagement and student centered approach made the course a unique experience for participants.
An 80/20 approach was adopted to ensure a focus on hands-on engagement as compared to theoretical teaching.

Celebrating Wellbeing and Digital Empowerment

Just as with all of IEI Pakistan’s programs, wellbeing is an essential element of Tech Sahelis too, ensuring a holistic approach to our participants’ growth.  To foster a positive and holistic learning environment, we kick off each class with 10 minutes dedicated to wellbeing activities. These activities encompass a wide range, including yoga, meditation, movement, and games. By combining digital empowerment with wellbeing practices, Tech Sahelis is fostering a generation of resilient and balanced young women who can confidently navigate the digital landscape.

A guided meditation activity in progress before the start of lesson.

Expanding Digital Opportunities: The Freelance Accelerator: Skill Building Courses & Mentorship

Building on this success, our Tech Sahelis program is excited to embark on the next phase this month: The Freelance Accelerator I: Skill Building Courses. The segment offers two high demand freelance skills: WordPress Web Development & Graphic Design and brings onboard SheDev Pvt. Ltd, a Gilgit based, women-led start-up, as service partners to lead  the web development course. 

The skill building segment has garnered great interest from girls with varying age levels and education backgrounds.  With over a 100 girls registering for the program, 45 have been enrolled in the first roundd due to limited space and capacity. By expanding their skill sets, our Sahelis will be well-equipped to explore new avenues and thrive in the digital marketplace. 

Once the skill building courses are completed, the girls will transition into the mentorship segment of our freelance accelerator program where they will receive one-on-one mentorship to guide and support them in their freelancing journeys. Drawing on the expertise of experienced mentors, our participants will receive valuable insights, personalized guidance, and industry-specific knowledge to accelerate their professional growth and help them translate the learned skills into income generation activities.

What’s next?

As we celebrate the first of many milestones, we remain committed to the ongoing empowerment of girls and women in Hunza and will continue to expand our program and offer new avenues for skill development and mentorship. 

We envision Tech Sahelis becoming a hub of innovation and collaboration, empowering girls and women to unlock their potential and become leaders in the tech industry. We are committed to forging partnerships, expanding our course offerings, and creating an ecosystem that nurtures talent and fosters entrepreneurship.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the girls who have embraced this opportunity and are already making significant strides in their digital journey. Together, we are rewriting the narrative and empowering girls in Hunza to take charge of their futures.

Tech Sahelis Digital Essentials Cohorts I & II with their mentors on their graduation day. These girls came from a variety of backgrounds, from higschool to university students and graduates.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make a lasting impact in the lives of our Tech Sahelis!

Join our movement, support the Tech Sahelis program, and help shape a brighter future for girls in Hunza. Together, we can bridge the gender gap and empower the next generation of tech-savvy women. Write to us at: or reach out to us via whatsApp at: 03143596116

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