Help IEI Pakistan in it's mission to take Quality Education to our remote public classrooms

As a not-for-profit organization We operate solely on philanthropy. Our program expenses are sustained by the generous donations we receive from our patrons every year. 

Transparency is among our core set of values, and therefore, all stakeholders are updated with the financials through our annual reports.

You can become a donor by signing up to our donor form available on the link below.

Donate Funds

We require all the help we can get to make our programmes a reality. Help us run our programs by donating generously. Your donation will help take education to public school students in remote & isolated mountain valleys

Become an Impact Partner

Our impact partners help us by donating on a monthly basis. This supports our operations, teacher payrolls and curriculum resource development activities.

10,000 PKR
per month

Our work is located in distant, off-road locations. This means transport is one of our major costs! Support our logistics costs including transport and accomodation for field work.

15,000 PKR
per month

Support the monthly salary of a librarian for existing IEI Libraries in  remote public schools. Librarians help enhance Library engagement and maintain M&E records.

20,000 PKR
per month

Support the monthly salary of our early years educator employed a remote public school as part of our Early Years Improvement Programme.

25,000 PKR
per month

Support our monthly office costs. This includes office rent, bills, printing costs, stationery, events and other misc expenses.

Donate to our operations

We require all the help we can get to make our programmes a reality. Help us run our programmes by donating generously to any of the listed focus areas.
Please Note: ALL receipts and financial statements are available to be shared with donors on a quarterly basis

Here is a list of functions we require cash for:

How to transfer funds to IEI Pakistan


You can transfer your Donations Online to Bank Account:
Title: Innovate Educate and Inspire Pakistan
IBAN: PK15JSBL9562000001791315
Account #: 0115-0100578350
 Bank: JS Bank 
Please mail us about details of your online transfer to to receive confirmation


You can send signed Cheque on name of Marvi Mustafa Soomro to Address:
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa
House #36, Street 16, River Gardens,
Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad
Cell#: +923155222163
Please send us the screenshot of your cheque to to receive confirmation


You can send us following details on our
Name of Donor
Donor Email
Donor Contact#
Amount in USD for Donation
We will send you the Donation request link on your email in a day from email:


If you have signed the Donor Form,
we have sent you the information for Western Union / MoneyGram
Receiver Name, NIC, Address & Contact# on your email
In case you haven't received information in your Inbox - Please check your SPAM & Promo section of the email
Please mail us the Western Union / MoneyGram receipt
along with MTCN to

Donate Books to IEI Libraries

IEI Pakistan's Library Project in collaboration with our partner Organization Willow Tree focuses on creating fun, creative spaces to read!

Books /Arts supplies for programs

In areas with no mobile connectivity or internet access, we hope to equip our libraries with books that cover a wide range of subjects for age groups Elementary to High School.

Here is a list of categories to help you pick out books:

Click to view specific list of items required for our operations as well as implementation of Early Childhood Development Program.