SEED: Support for Early Educators

This resource offers an alternative and engaging format for basic training to help early years teachers become more learner-centered and foster positive relationships.

‘Support for Early Educator Development (SEED): Building foundations for learner-centered early education’ contains 7 short training videos in Urdu. The videos show simple tips and strategies for early years educators to build the foundations for a learner-centered classroom.  The training package can be used by trainers as part of a training course for teachers and other educators, or it can be used by individual teachers as a self-study video.

A brief introduction to this video training package is available in this video.

Background and Context

Background Context

Our video package aims to address a lack of practical and foundational early years training contextual to the needs of teachers in low-resource contexts in Pakistan. To support teachers in our partner ECD classrooms in resource-limited mountain villages we have reviewed many online videos aimed at early years teacher professional development. We wanted to see how many were relevant and useful for IEI’s audience of education practitioners. 

The Gap

We observed that most videos readily available on video platforms like YouTube and majority online training programmes are aimed at audiences in the West. We found very few videos aimed to deliver simple, practical ideas and advice for teachers and other educators in our context and language. We decided to fill this gap. 

The team that made it possible!

Madiha Noor

Early Years Lead (Volunteer)

Madiha is the voice behind our training videos and has also led the script design of the training videos. A passionate early years expert, Madiha is playing a key role in our early years improvement programme.

Umaima Soomro

Film, Media & Design Lead (Volunteer)

Umaima is the brains behind the training packs learning experience design. She has carefully created each video to include a variety of elements like text, icons, graphics and transitions to ensure the resource is useful for teachers in low-resource contexts.

SEED is a volunteer effort, produced at no-cost except of course the time, knowledge and skills of our fantastic team of volunteers. It has been developed to support the teachers we work with in the remote mountain valleys in GB under our ECD Improvement Programme. We strongly believe in Open Education Resources and have therefore kept this training package open for anyone to use. 

Please write to us at to get an access link to the videos.