To build communities equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development and a culture of peace and appreciation for diversity.


To close the educational gap by improving Public Education System to provide High Quality, Equitable and Inclusive Education in remote and less accessible parts of Pakistan.
Educational Innovation to Classrooms: promoting active learning environments to encourage question and discovery Integration of Creative Art Curriculum:Encouraging creative self expression by employing mixed media. All-Inclusive Spaces:Safe, Nurturing spaces for Children to learn self and social learning skills.


In-line with UNESCO’s sustainable development goals for 2030, IEI Pakistan’s Goals for 2023 are:

Peace Building & Community

  1. To provide an active volunteer platform for Sustainable Development in remote and less accessible areas of Pakistan.
  2. To encourage cultural bridging for understanding and diversity appreciation across mainstream cities and remote areas of Pakistan.
  3. To promote public art in remote rural communities to foster a culture for peace, empathy, global citizenship, human rights, gender equality and appreciation for diversity.
  4. To conduct peacebuilding workshops with children and adolescents addressing social and emotional development needs.
  5. To promote environmental awareness to combat climate change and its impact in disaster prone areas.
  6. To empower Women & Out-of-School adolescent girls by literacy, numeracy and entrepreneurial skills to achieve economic independence and obtain leadership roles in the community.
  7. To promote Community Awareness to drive Sustainable Development by providing relevant literacy opportunities.


  1. To support,improve and bring innovation to the Public Education System in Pakistan for provision of Quality Primary & Secondary Education.
  2. To integrate up-to-date methodologies for provision of Quality Early Childhood Development for all learners.
  3. To enrich set National Curriculum of Pakistan with innovative learning strategies leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.
  4. To integrate art in education at Primary and Secondary Education Levels to foster innovation, imagination, creativity and a sustainable maker culture.
  5. To promote a culture for peace, empathy, global citizenship, human rights, gender equality and appreciation for diversity through education and art.
  6. To build and upgrade educational facilities to provide safe, non-violent, inclusive, creative and effective learning environments for all learners.
  7. To substantially equip schools with qualified teachers through collaborations both local and international for teacher training.


Marvi Soomro Founder/Program Director
Computer science graduate from FAST-NUCES - she is responsible for IEI overall strategy design, program development & planning, team management & execution of programs.
Rehmat Kareem Co-Founder/Director Art & Spaces
Arts graduate from NCA - he brings his knowledge & skills for effective planning & execution of arts program under IEI & inclusive spaces development to promote diversity & peace.
Syed Farjad Raza Hossain Director Communications
MBA in Marketing from IoBM - he adds his vast experience of Brand development & communication to effective digital marketing & online communication for IEI's brand development.
Sameer Warraich Outreach Consultant
Arts Graduate from Rhodes College - he puts together his educational experience & knowledge to IEI's business development, academic partnerships and fundraising campaigns.


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