To build communities equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development and a culture of peace and appreciation for diversity.


To close the educational gap by improving Public Education System to provide High Quality, Equitable and Inclusive Education in remote and less accessible parts of Pakistan.


In-line with UNESCO’s sustainable development goals for 2030, IEI Pakistan’s Goals for 2025 are Quality education for children in remote, low-resource contexts, Equal access and opportunity for girls & Peace building.

Team IEI

IEI Board of Directors

Marvi somroo

Founder & programmes director

Rehmat kareem

director art & spaces

Mumal mustafa

Director Finance

SM RAZA hussain

Director marketing & PR

IEI Programmes Team

Umaima Soomro

Film & Media Lead

Saniya Ahmed Khan

Project Officer IEI Libraries

Ramish Hina

Design & Media Officer

IEI Volunteer Supporters / Advisors

Sameer Shafi

Outreach Support

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Our Journey

IEI was born as a youth collective back in 2016 in the small village of Misgar in Gilgit Baltistan. More on our journey soon!

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