Innovate Educate & Inspire Pakistan is a registered non-profit organization working to improve the accessibility of quality education and learning experiences for children in remote and low-income communities in the Gilgit Baltistan region.  

In 2016 IEI Pakistan pioneered a travel-based in-residence volunteer teaching platform to support public education reform in remote mountain communities while simultaneously creating cross cultural bridges between urban youth and rural communities. 

The organization has run 7 successful programs in 4 of the most remote valleys in Upper Hunza and reached 400+, tens of local teachers and recruited more than 50 volunteers.

So far, the organization has run 7 on-field programmes in 4 of the most remote valleys in Upper Hunza, and reached 400+ students, tens of local teachers and recruited more than 50 volunteers.

We have completed 2 successful virtual programmes, and reached 628 students from across Pakistan. 

During COVID-19, IEI launched its Distance Learning Radio Programme to reach far flung villages across Gilgit Baltistan. 

Area of Work

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New Documentary Film Altert!
Watch the trailer: Voices from the Karakoram

Voices from the Karakoram gives a view into the powerful impact of IEI Libraries in supporting education development in remote mountain valleys of Northern Pakistan. The film is produced by a young female filmmaker and IEI team member from Islamabad, Umaima Soomro.

Impact 2016 to Present

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Focus Areas

Access to quality learning experiences in remote schools

In mountain communities where resources are scarce and learning facilities and opportunities limited, schools need support in many ways – from improving facilities to training teachers and creating learning opportunities that address the need for 21st century skills. IEI fills this gap through it’s various short-term intervention programmes and long duration school development programmes that work with teachers, students and parents in the community.

Social-Emotional Well-being

Social Emotional Wellbeing of children is at the heart of all our programmes. Children in isolated and remote mountain communities are at a higher risk of developing mental health issues due to isolation and digital disconnect, and to to tackle it, we keep social emotional learning at the core of all our program designs and curriculum to ensure holistic development.

We do this by imbedding ‘play,’ ‘mindfulness’ and creative arts in all our engagement with children in and outside the classrooms.

Art in education

Art is embedded across our programme offering to encourage self-expression and foster creativity, imagination and innovation. 

Using mixed mediums including painting, music and performance art, children are engage in learning through playful experiences that span multiple learning areas including science, literacy & climate education.

Education for Sustainable Development​

We work with communities that are at an imminent risk of life-changing disruptions due to climate change. Therefore, one of our key focuses in education is climate action, awareness and sustainability. We integrate climate and awareness programs in the curriculum for both students and teachers, offer digital Climate Educator Training programmes and enable young climate changemakers through our Design Thinking for Environmental Solutions programme.

Libraries for public schools​

Libraries are an essential element of a school’s programming and many public schools don’t have them. With an architect and artist duo we are creating colorful, playful spaces for children equipped with books and digital tools to improve children’s learning outcomes, promote reading, digital literacy and critical thinking skills.

Volunteer Programmes

We believe Volunteerism helps in creating bridges across the diverse cultures and regions of the country, and is imperative for long term peace. It is only by building bridges, integrating & interacting that we can understand each other, grow to respect one another and appreciate what makes us beautiful: our diversity. 

Our volunteer programmes offer opportunities to teach and learn from children in a remote mountain village, act as a trainer or mentor and participate in school improvement to uplift the overall quality and experience of education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IEI Pakistan offers volunteers opportunities in two capacities: on-field and virtual. Currently, our on-field volunteer programmes are run in summer between the months of June and August. Whereas, our online volunteer slots are open year-around and you can apply to support our work virtually.

IEI Pakistan offers volunteer opportunities in all our key programmes. Learn more about our programmes on the website and share with us your areas of interest at

We encourage volunteers from diverse backgrounds to come onboard. A sense of civic responsibility and passion to give back to the community and adaptability to survive in an adventure lifestyle in harsh climate & limited facilities are the characteristics we look for. If you fit this profile and are over 18 years of age, we encourage you to apply.  

The application process for our on-field summer volunteer programmes is fairly simple. Once the call for applications is shared on our Website and/or Facebook/Instagram; fill out the application form.
First Round: Shortlisted Applicants will receive Emails
Second Round: Zoom Interviews
Final Round: Selection Emails & Program Fee Payment (only selected candidates are emailed).

You can send your donations to us at:
Title: Innovate Educate and Inspire Pakistan
IBAN: PK15JSBL9562000001791315
JS Bank Ltd
Pls share a donation receipt at:

We are always looking for collaborations with organisations working on areas that fit our organisational goals & vision. Areas for collaboration include, but are not limited to:
1- Teachers Training
2- STEM Learning Workshops
3- Art Exhibits
4- Film & Media Collaborations
5- Sports and Meditation sessions
6- Storytelling 

Drop us an email at: