Promoting gender equality in STEM

What is Tech Sahelis?

Welcome to Tech Sahelis, a pioneering digital skills lab exclusively designed for girls and young women in the breathtaking Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: break barriers and champion gender equality in STEM.

A digital skills class in progress.
Enabling female
  • digital access
  • skill building
  • community

At Tech Sahelis, we’ve crafted a safe and empowering space where participants can dive into the digital realm, from the basics of Digital Essentials to advanced STEM workshops and freelance training. It’s not just about acquiring skills; it’s about fostering a mindset of innovation and confidence.

But we’re more than a digital skills training program – we’re a family. Through mentorship, workshops, and community-building initiatives, we’re creating a tight-knit female STEM community where dreams are nurtured, challenges are conquered, and victories are celebrated.

Digital device access,
in a safe space
Tailored digital skill &
STEM training
Mentorship &
Female STEM

Community Events

2-day STEM Awareness Session

Open Mic Day

2-day Worksop on Online Safety

Impact Report

Explore the tangible impact, innovative initiatives, and collaborative partnerships that shape the narrative of Tech Sahelis’ commitment to fostering a brighter, more inclusive digital future. 

Read the report here.