Our programmes run on a volunteer model. Each year we offer multiple opportunities for youth to participate in education development through volunteering on-site or off-site with IEI.

Travel. Teach. Trek

On-field Opportunities

Join our on-site opportunities and travel to a remote village to work with children or teachers. It is an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange while sharing your knowledge!

Off-site Opportunities

Our off-site opportunities allow you to work remotely from your home location or anywhere else in the world or from the IEI office in Hunza! 

How it works

Find an open opportunity

Fill out the application form

Attend the interview

Wait for selection call

Pay the program fee

Travel to the location

Who can apply?

Our programmes are open for students and professionals from diverse fields. The most important aspect is your own personal commitment to and understanding of volunteerism. 

Current Opportunities

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