Community Student Story / July 7, 2020

Learning without Internet: A student’s experience

By: Aliza Ahsan
"I just want to say that is it our fault that we are born in places where there is no internet access?" Hello everyone, I am Aliza from a mountain village in Hunza called Misgar. My parents are farmers and shepherds but they also work jobs to support our education…
Team Story / June 18, 2020

Cyclical inaccessibility: COVID-19’s impact on girls’ education

By: Asiya Jawed
Girls’ education has been neglected all around the world, and especially in developing countries by governments, schools, and households. About 132 million girls were out of school before the coronavirus outbreak. Due to COVID-19 around 1.5 billion students all around the world have had their education disrupted - out of…
Team Story / June 13, 2020

Fostering Communication & Creativity through Storytelling

By: Asiya Jawed & Marvi Soomro
After the coronavirus outbreak, IEI Pakistan began finding new techniques to interact with its students to curb the forthcoming educational loss. While we were figuring out different ways of communicating with our students, (i.e radio, telephone, SMS) we were also searching for ideas to keep them engaged with learning. Lack…
Team Story / May 14, 2020

Staying in touch with our students: Connectivity & Creativity during COVID-19

By: Asiya Jawed
Even though we are hundreds of miles away from our students living in Misgar and Shimshal, they have created a strong, sacred space in our hearts which motivates us to educate them through innovative means. The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health, regardless of their demographics or…


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