Shimshal school development programme

IEI Pakistan X Shimshal

Program Timeline

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Time Commitment Required

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Last day to apply

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About The Programme

IEI Pakistan is undertaking a School Development Project (SDP) at the Government Middle School Shimshal during the year 2019. This program is a unique opportunity for volunteers to share their knowledge & skills in their specific domains to elevate the curriculum, pedagogy & administration standards of this remote public school. They can join for 4 – 12 Weeks In-Residence program from March to December 2019.

What To Expect

12 day commitment

Volunteers will commit 12 days to the program activities with 3-4hr daily engagement. Volunteers are required to participate in all program activities.

Independent Travel

Volunteers will manage their travel to location independently. We do not guarantee group travel of volunteers as each may choose an option that best suits them.

Training Workshops

Volunteers will participate in expert-led training workshops prior to departure, that nurture storytelling & creative skills.

Daily Work Plan

Volunteers will follow a daily program work plan shared by IEI. The plan will provide the structure for daily activities during the course of the programme.

Story Read-aloud Sessions

Volunteers will engage in daily story read-aloud sessions using the selection of books provided by IEI and TAF. Each session will be followed by supporting mixed media activities.

Team Meetings

Volunteers will attend daily team meetings after activities, to consolidate the days activities and prepare for the next day.

Collaborative Living

Volunteers will experience collaborative work & living environment at the IEI location residence with other volunteers from across Pakistan.

Cultural Exchange

Volunteers will experience cultural exchange living and working in the community. All volunteers are expected to be sensitive to community norms.

Eligibility Criteria

The framework & focus of SDP program is as follows:

SDP Framework:

  1. Innovation
  2. Inquiry Based Learning
  3. Curriculum & Pedagogy Enrichment
  4. Language Improvement Framework
  5. Collaborative Environment
  6. Inclusive Spaces
  7. Enhancement of School Support System

Focus Areas of the SDP:

  1. Teaching & Learning
  2. Leadership, Management & Administration
  3. Student Assessment
  4. School Assessment
  5. Communication
  6. Facility Enhancement
  • Location: 3100 meters above sea level, highest settlement in the district.
  • Time to Reach Shimshal from Passu: 3hrs
  • Total Area: 3800 square km
  • Households: approx. 240
  • Inhabitants: approx 2000
  • Language: Wakhi
  • Other Languages Spoken: Brushaski, Urdu, English
  • Schools in the Valley: 2 (1 Government School, 1 Private Donor Funded school recently taken up by AKESP)
  • All volunteer categories are required to take a minimum of 4 Classes per day, for 6 days a week.
    The school follows the National Curriculum of Pakistan and textbooks are allocated.
    You are expected to introduce Lesson Plans, Project Works & Pedagogy which enrich the curriculum & content for the learners while working within IEI Pakistan’s SDP Framework.

    Mandatory Participation:
    1- One Peacebuilding Session to promote Peace & Global Citizenship
    2- All volunteers are expected to submit daily lesson plans while engaging in Weekly Feedback Meetings & Presentations.
    In addition to Teaching regular classes, our volunteers can participate in our Creative Clubs that provide a collaborative space for Creative Projects with learners. These projects span areas of Literature, Writing, Art, Music & Theatre and are open for design and execution as per your plan.

    As a member of the community for 4 weeks, you’ll have the chance to participate in Community House Calls & Festivals.
    Volunteers Participate in House Chores during the time of stay including Cooking & Cleaning.
  • Mininum Volunteer Duration is 4 consecutive weeks.
  • For 2019 there are 10 Volunteer Cycles active from March to December. First Volunteer Cycle begins March 5th 2019.
  • Volunteers are required to join for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks (1 month). You can select your month and duration of volunteering within the application.
  • Our Programs run in remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan, prospective Volunteers should keep the following in mind:

    1. Limited or No access to Phone & Internet
    2. Communal Living with other Volunteers
    3. Self Help Meals & House Management
    4. Community Integration Activities
    5. Harsh Weather Conditions

Note: Volunteers travel alone or in group depending on the dates/travel details of a Volunteer Cycle.
The Travel Itinerary is divided into 2 parts:
a. Home Location to Hunza: Volunteers are responsible of arriving in Hunza on their own.
b. Hunza to Shimshal: Local Travel Options are available in Aliabad, Hunza to Shimshal for a few hundred Rupees.

All Volunteers are accommodated at the IEI Residence in the Valley. This is a communal living space with shared rooms & bathrooms (no gender segregation)

All meals are prepared at the IEI Residence. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in meal preparation activities.
Meal Menu Items are dependent on Fresh Produce Availability & Recipe bank of the person cooking.
Chai/Coffee is on the house.

As Non-profit organization Our programs rely on Volunteers to help raise the finances to support their own duration of stay.
Volunteer Fee:
4 Weeks, 30 Days: 25,000 PKR
8 Weeks, 60 Days: 28,000 PKR
12 Weeks, 90 Days: 28,000 PKR

This contribution goes towards managing your volunteer stay with us by supporting:

  1. Housing & Meals
  2. Heating & Power
  3. Emergency Insurance
  4. 24- Hour Field Support
  5. Teaching Resources: Stationery & Textbooks
  6. Adventure & Excursions