Paper Collage, Wall Mural

By - Team IEI / Team Story

There’s an interest that builds in young children and adolescents when they see something that is out of the box. It sparks their curiosity thus triggering a thought process that becomes a tool at developing their imagination, observation and creativity.
The mural is a 5*15 paper collage translating a visual from the artists memory onto the wall – a representation of Chipursan, a mixture of landscapes and experiences that awed and inspired us for 3 months. As a paper collage, the material emphasizes on our focus to create a sense of self dependence by using that which is relate able for both the students and community at large. We hoped to trigger a thought process that would last long after we left, something that was both abstract and realistic, something that might remind them to always explore more than their textbooks. Something that would maybe become an inspiration for the children of Kirmin

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