Our Programs

Travel, Teach, Trek.

IEI Libraries.

Summer Camps.

IEI Summer Camp 2021 is a 2 week storytelling programme that has ‘play’ and ‘social-emotional wellbeing’ at the heart of it. The programme has been designed to bring to children hope and joy during this period of uncertainty by giving them an opportunity to immerse in the world of stories.

For upto 10 days the program will bring together children (age 8-14 years) for volunteer led read-aloud story sessions and engage them in mixed media art activities including Live Illustrations, Role Play, Drawing, Painting & Performance Art to promote comprehension and encourage creative exploration.

Through joyous, volunteer led activities the program aims to equip children with the exposure, skills and tools to approach life and learning during this pandemic. All program activities will be executed by trained IEI volunteers.

Schools Reforms Program.

Experiential Learning, Teacher Trainings, ECD Improvement Programme, Literacy Improvement Programme.

A unique platform to contribute to Public School Development in remote mountain valleys of Pakistan. Focused on Innovative Education & Arts in Education our SDP aims to raise the bar on the quality of education in public schools while creating a sustainable impact.

Environmental Education Programs.

Climate Educator Traning Programs DTES

Environment is a key focus of the work we do and is embedded in various forms across our programme offerings. In addition to that, we offer 2 key programs that target students and teachers to integrate environment awareness, climate action and leadership skills.

Distance Learning Program.

IEI Radio launched in response to COVID-19
A 12 week radio learning program aired across Gilgit Baltistan through Radio Pakistan Gilgit. The program reached learners facing the digital divide in the mountaineous valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. The boradcast covered a population area of approximately 1.9 million.

Our content partner for the program was Rising-on-Air and the program was executed with the support of a global volunteer team. The radio programme was produced by Rescue the Frog Studio and excpetional quality content was added by Science Fuse, GoRead.pk, Parindey and The Music Chacha Show to enhance what the program offered.