My safe space, my home – Saheli Circle

By: Urwa Noor (Saheli Circle Pilot Cohort Member)

I am a young confused girl. I am afraid to talk, my plans seem blur. I don’t know where my life is taking me. I do not have my perspective about anything. I am afraid of people judging me. I have trust issues. I cannot live my life the way I want..

Hello everyone!

This was me about two months back when i was unaware of myself and i had no safe space in the area which was not my home town.

Then suddenly, I saw some brightness coming into my life. I knew these sparkles are going to bring something positive. Luckily it was true. The love of my life Saheli Circle, became a part of my life. It helped me stand up, held my hand, brought me outside of the dark place and showed me the shiny stars in the beautiful sky.

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