Music: A Transcendental Form of Art

By - Moaz Ahmed Bhangu / Volunteer Story

I feel music is the most transcendental form of Art. I taught the kids 3 lines from the song Fix you. It took 20 minutes. Despite the fact that English is their third language, second being Urdu. (Video in next post)
On our last day in Kirmin I walked into their class to say my goodbyes. I hadn’t seen them in 4 days. And I found lyrics doodled on the notebook of Inaara, hands down one of the most vibrant kids I have known – but she had a weird walk.
I learned later that Inaara had a rare appendicitis condition which made her walk slightly bending forward, with a limp.
In a valley arguably spared of the complexities of civilization, it is nothing short of exhilarating to find such a drive in 5th graders. The fact that “lights will guide you home” had significance in her own capacity is probably why I feel about music the way I do.

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