Junk Sculptures Installation

By - Feroza Gulzar / Volunteer Story

The activity began with collection of junk material from around the valley, the junior & senior students went on an exploration class and collected a variety of material from old sweaters and shoes to a broken seesaw & Iron scraps. The next class, they were asked to work together to join these objects and make whatever it is they felt like. They were initially confused but started joining different material with the help of wires or glue before they were asked to stop for a discussion on what they were making. It is always important to stop and look at your work from a distance. During the discussion the kids brought some very important points; they realized they were working with shapes, lines & colors.
It was when one girl said “This is all Industrial” that changed the whole activity for them & also for me. We then decided to look at everything as an Industrial object & install them on the Old School Building in Kirmin. The children took to working in small groups and made some very interesting objects such as Traffic Lights, Guns, a Metal Cube, Chimneys and even abstract objects. In a valley with no industry & lack of internet providing very little insight to the Industrial cities in the country or across the globe, by the end of the activity, the old school building was transformed into an Industry built by the students with their very own hands.

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