IEI Pakistan’s programs are tentative to our year of work and the communities & schools we work with. Generally, the programs run in two sessions during a year:
Spring: Feb – May
Fall: August – November

We also conduct Summer School and Training activities during Summer which are announced on our social media accordingly.
Our current work region is: Gilgit Baltistan
IEI Pakistan has a couple of focus areas:
Academic Teaching: Targets focused subject teaching with Innovative Modern Teaching Techniques that promote Activity Based Learning.
Art Program: Targets individuals with a background in Creative Arts including Fine Art, Design, Musicology and Film Media. The applicants are required to design activities to engage the students using mixed media and promote Peace, Inclusion, Diversity by focusing on enhancing students Self Expression & Creativity.
All Inclusive Spaces: Targets individuals with a background in Architecture and a passion to design all inclusive spaces using limited or reused material.
We encourage volunteers from diverse backgrounds to come onboard. A sense of civic responsibility and passion to give back to the community and adaptability to survive in an adventure lifestyle in harsh climate & limited facilities is an absolute MUST.
The application process is fairly simple. Once the call for applications is shared on our Website and/or Facebook page; follow the application link sharing with us a personal statement, activities you would like to conduct & samples of your work (for artists & architects).
First Round: Shortlisted Applicants will receive Emails
Second Round: Phone Interviews
Final Round: Selection Emails & Program Fee Payment
IEI Pakistan is not linked to any donor organization, our operations are solely conducted on the basis of the donations we receive which is why we work on a Program Fee Model. The program fee varies on the basis of the geographical location we are working in and covers the following:
1- Return Travel from Hunza to Location of Work
2- Meals for your Volunteer Duration
3- Insurance for Emergency Situations
4- Accommodation for your Volunteer Duration (We rent out a private residence for the duration of our programs in the valleys we work with)

IEI Pakistan sponsors the following costs:
1- Educational Supplies
2- Art Supplies
3- Excursions including Adventure Treks & Trails
IEI Pakistan works on the donations we receive from across Pakistan & abroad. You can donate:
Cash: Operations & Supplies
Books: For our Libraries
Art & Educational Supplies: For our Teaching & Art Programs.
We are always looking for collaborations with organizations working on areas that fit our organizational goals & vision. Areas for collaboration include but are not limited to:
1- Teachers Training
2- STEM Learning Workshops
3- Art Exhibits
4- Film & Media Collaborations


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