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Summer Volunteer Program 2022
A summer of joy and hope!
Travel . Teach. Trek with IEI Pakistan

We are delighted to be back with our Summer Volunteer Program.

Are you passionate about engaging children in playful and quality learning experiences? Do you want to travel to beautiful mountain valleys with a purpose?
Then this program is for you!

We are inviting Storytellers, Artists, Movement Coaches and Creatives to join us for a summer of fun & learning!

Program Dates: July 29 to August 8 (excluding travel days). Last date to apply as a volunteer: June 30, 2022 by 3pm PST

About the Program

This summer, join us and become a part of IEI Pakistan’s volunteer program to bring joy and playful learning opportunities to children in beautiful mountain valleys. Play-based learning, art and social emotional wellbeing of children is at the heart of IEI Pakistan’s mission, and our summer programmes are a perfect opportunity for you to get involved. The programmes are executed through an in-residence volunteer model. Recruited volunteers undergo training followed by travel to the location to execute the programme.

For 10 days the program will bring together children (age 8-14 years) for volunteer led movement and growth mindset workshops, read-aloud story sessions, STEM, mixed media art activities and Climate Education to promote awareness of current global challenges and the role children today can play, critical thinking, comprehension and encourage creative exploration.

Through these carefully curated activities, we try to bring a sense of joy to the children, which boosts their physical and mental wellbeing and enhance their creative, leadership & social-emotional skills.

Please note: Maximum 7 slots are available. The program timelines are dependent on travel regulations and disaster related announcements.

Key Program Highlights

Program Timeline: July 29 to August 8.(Please note this timeline includes 10

days of Summer Camp activities. Volunteers must include days of travel to location and back according to their locations)

Time Commitment Required: 3-4 hours of daily engagement.

Travel: Required.

Location: Upper Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan.

Type of Engagement: Movement, Growth Mindset, STEM, Climate Action, Storytelling & Creative Art.

Last day to apply June 30, 3pm PST

What Volunteers get:

Training & Mentorship on Storytelling techniques.

Opportunity for Community Engagement & Cultural Exchange.

Hiking, Camping & Excursions.

Collaborative living.

Leadership & Problem Solving Skills.

Certificate of participation.

Bringing joyful learning experiences to children!

What to Expect

10 day commitment
Volunteers will commit 10 days to the program activities with 3-4hr daily engagement. Volunteers are required to participate in all program activities.
Independent Travel
Volunteers will manage their travel to location independently. We do not guarantee group travel of volunteers as each may choose an option that best suits them.
Training Workshops
Volunteers will participate in expert-led training workshops prior to departure, that nurture storytelling & creative skills.
Daily Work Plan
Volunteers will follow a daily program work plan shared by IEI. The plan will provide the structure for daily activities during the course of the programme.
Daily Activity Streams
Volunteers will select their preferred activity streams based on the ones available and contribute to or lead it's activities.
Team Meetings
Volunteers will attend daily team meetings after activities, to consolidate the days activities and prepare for the next day.
Collaborative Living
Volunteers will experience collaborative work & living environment at the IEI location residence with other volunteers from across Pakistan.
Cultural Exchange
Volunteers will experience cultural exchange living and working in the community. All volunteers are expected to be sensitive to community norms.


The program is inviting applications from youth across Pakistan.

  1. Vaccination Card.
  2. 18+ Pakistani nationals.
  3. 3-4hr daily commitment for 10 days, to the camp activities.
  4. Commitment to attend 2-3hr training sessions for 2-3 days prior to program departure.
  5. Able to manage solo travel to location and back
  6. No existing health conditions physical or mental (including allergies) that may require emergency care or make collaborative living in isolated areas difficult.
  7. Adaptability to co-living and working arrangements.

Important Note: Before applying please make sure that you have gone through the FAQs and What you should expect as an IEI Volunteer.

Program Fee

Program Fee Structure

Our programs have a fee structure that is explained below. Selected Volunteers will be required to deposit a program fee of PKR 25,000 /-. We expect full payment of program fees prior to arrival so we can prepare well in advance for you.

This fee covers the following program expenses:
  1. Safe & Comfortable Accomodation
  2. Daily Meals
  3. 24/7 support from experienced local field team
  4. Project Placement Fee
  5. Pre-departure support
  6. All volunteers go through an orientation program once they arrive. This encompasses project activities training, volunteer responsibilities, how to keep safe, education on the local culture and tips and advice for the duration of your stay
  7. Project development & back office costs.

Why pay Program Fee?

Our program fee logic is to provide responsible and quality volunteer programs to you. We are committed to give support, ensuring the wellbeing and guidance for volunteers, as well as giving on-going support to communities in need. Understandably these operations cost money to develop and run especially when we do not recruit enough volunteers and operate as a not-for-profit. This is where the program fees come in!

The program fee is split in the following manner:
  1. On-field arrangments & project support: 70%
  2. Pre-departure support & oritentation costs: 20%
  3. Back office costs: 10%

This is volunteering with a difference. And it’s also volunteering made easy!

Application & Selection

Last day to apply: 3pm, June 30, 2022

Have Questions? Write to us at: