Founder Story / January 17, 2018

IEI Creative Reading & Writing Club

By: Marvi Soomro
John Muir said the power of imagination makes us infinite. We wanted to experience that for ourselves and so we formed groups and gathered around in a beautiful clear field in Misgar and read! We read to flex those mind muscles, to think, fantasize & imagine. To free ourselves and…
Volunteer Story / September 4, 2017

Junk Sculptures Installation

By: Feroza Gulzar
The activity began with collection of junk material from around the valley, the junior & senior students went on an exploration class and collected a variety of material from old sweaters and shoes to a broken seesaw & Iron scraps. The next class, they were asked to work together to…
Team Story / August 29, 2017

Installation Art: Behavior of Light

By: Karimie Hunzai & Shaggy Brone
Seeing a visual perspective of a science concept is very interesting, even as grown ups we find it easier to understand with visuals attached. The Behaviour of Light Installation is meant to give the children that source of inspiration to see science as more than a subject and a textbook…
Team Story / August 16, 2017

Willow Tree – IEI Libraries

By: Karimie Hunzai & Shaggy Brone
Willow Tree IEI Libraries are designed and executed by Architect Shagy Brone & Artist Karimie Hunzai, using very limited material and resources, the libraries focus at re-using old junk furniture and material found in the natural environment in these communities. Thus sparking innovation and creativity both in the process and…


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